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At Quicklean, we believe that laundry can be much more than simply being a weekly or daily chore.

Doing your laundry can also be me-time, social time, study time, work time, reading time, or even game time.

You can expect nothing less than the industry's best washers and dryers at Quicklean. This means clean clothes with minimal wear-and-tear with every wash. Because the machines we use are industrial-grade, laundry time is reduced by over 50% compared to doing laundry at home.

Speed Queen washers and dryers also use less water and energy per cycle so this keeps our landfills from unnecessary clutter and reduces overall environmental impact altogether.

Every Quicklean store is carefully designed to elevate your laundry experience. The airflow, ventilation, sound, smell, and furniture are all planned thoroughly. We provide free high-speed internet WiFi, comfortable interiors, and well-maintained bathrooms. We also make sure that our staff is well-trained to guide you through the process.

As we continue to grow, we learn and innovate along the way. Expect your neighborhood laundry to launch new features and improvements every now and then because we are constantly trying to set the bar higher for what laundry day is for you, your community, and for the people that work with us.

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